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This is the team that has worked themselves into zombies to bring you the fun!

Dwayne Mercredi, Chief Genius

It's hard to box Dwayne into the tiny role of CTO, and not just because he's a big guy. He single-handedly built Freak'n Genius's mobile app, Kinect app, web platform, animation engine, custom video players, video infrastructure and so much more; his tech skills can make a non-tech brain melt. Although Dwayne had plenty of help building, “Single-handedly” is not an exaggeration; he literally developed these programs with one hand. His other hand is constantly flipping around his Rubik's Cubes or flipping through his Hulu shows. Dwayne not only manages to perform his engineering duties one-handed, but also without looking, as his eyes are generally glued to his soaps instead of his code. It's Tech Hero magic. On top of that, he's adamant about performing his own customer discovery and product validation, getting as close to the problem as possible. Yes, that's right, he's a SOCIAL dev that can have insightful conversations with REAL humans, and convert to those conversations to data, helping inform the product iterations. In the rare moments he's not hacking away or chatting it up, he's a super-dad to 4 rambunctious boys who are his inspiration for helping co-found Freak'n Genius.




Zak Arntson, Sr. Fun Engineer

Zak comes from 8 years of grueling fun. Games! He's built games with your favorite characters on your favorite platforms and rides a thin line between technical, user experience design, and is an avid doodler.

Gillian Pennington, People Person Extraordinaire

Gillian helps balance out the genius with a whole breed of freak! She comes from the University of Washington and spends much of her time outside talking to young kids to fogey adults. Her learning helps us build the right products.



Kyle Kesterson, Chief Freak

Kyle's story takes him from being homeless, and a high school dropout, to being named one of Seattle's "Top Young Entrepreneurs and CEOs", with an unrelenting appetite for global impact. Growing up, his family hit the lowest of lows moving in and out of homeless shelters and standing in line at food and clothing banks. It led to frequently bouncing around, attending 14 different schools, becoming one of the worst kids in the school district and finally dropping out after being told by teachers that I'll "most likely end up flipping burgers, in jail, or dead." Discovering art and creative expression saved his life and him me on a path towards creating his own way.