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Teachers are using YAKiT Kids in the classroom all around the world 

YAKiT Kids allows students and teachers to bring any photo to life, which helps teachers to increase student engagement, improve/deepen student and teacher relationships, and to empower creativity and imaginations in every student.


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Here are some ways teachers are using YAKiT Kids in the Classroom


List of Examples

  • Use a YAKiT to animate the speakers of inspirational quotes and share daily or weekly with the class (ex: if you are using a quote from Bill Gates, have Bill Gates “say” the quote to the classroom!)
  • Ask students to write and present creative writing and poetry using unique avatars
  • Use to encourage English language learners to practice listening and speaking skills
  • Use a YAKiT to animate and explain scientific concepts (ex: a water droplet to explain the water cycle, a plant to explain photosynthesis…)
  • Create a classroom assistant to help deliver education material and content (famous actors, cartoons, etc.
  • Encourage kids to participate in YAKiT Kids Weekly Challenges
  • Use  YAKIT to teach storytelling
  • Learn new languages 


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