How often do you just get to sit and make fun things with your hands AND impact kids, at the same time??

Come get messy with glitter, googly eyes, wire, and much more as we make things out of empty toilet paper rolls. Not only will it be buttloads of fun, but it directly benefits two amazing non-profits: Art with Heart, helping kids overcome trauma through creative expression, and YouthCare's Orion Center who has fantastic programs for at-risk youth.

Check out the special Ren & Stimpy commercial created JUST FOR THIS EVENT!

Top 10 reasons you'll enjoy coming:

#1) Hear Steffanie Lorig, Founder of Art with Heart, and author of 8 amazing children's books, share a story

#2) An opportunity to win awesome prizes

#3) It's benefiting two great causes, including Art Therapy Creative Kits to YouthCare's Orion Center, and all proceeds go directly to Art with Heart, helping kids overcome trauma through creative expression

#4) Food and refreshments to keep ya jazzed up

#5) You’ll be a part of setting a World Record

#6) Make friends with cool people that like making silly stuff, and it's family friendly

#7) Get a sneak peek and play with some really fun, interactive stuff from Freak'n Genius that we haven't shown anybody yet

#8) Be in an upcoming video about fun and creativity

#9) Being creative is proven to increase your happiness and arm you with tools to overcome challenges

#10) Googly eyes, Play-Doh, glitter, glue, markers, crayons, paper, &  more!

Limited Space available


Hear Kyle Kesterson of Freak'n Genius, share his story, thoughts on creativity, and why toilet paper rolls:

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