Make FUN of everything!

Express yourself as anyone or anything and give someone a laugh. All from your pocket


YAKiT: Make any picture come to life, just by speaking!

Make your pictures talk in seconds and create hilarious animated videos to save or send to friends. 
YAKiT is kid-friendly, yet hysterically fun for everyone! 

We all know you are funnier than your friends, but now YAKiT is here to make it painfully obvious. Blow your friends away by creating videos of them (or of anything) saying funny, dumb, or embarrassing things. 

See what you can make in seconds with YAKiT!

See YAKiT on the streets!

★★★★★ This app is hysterical! It is a hit no matter who I show it to!
— AmyP_30 (AppStore Review)
★★★★★ I love making my pictures have conversations. My kids are always coming up with the craziest things!
— Momma KP (AppStore Review)
Yakit for iPhone is possibly the silliest, stupidest fun you can have with an iPhone and a photograph right now. The results are hilarious.
— TUAW - (Press)
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