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★★★★★ This is the funniest app I have on my iPhone, and always get my friends giggling. Get this app!!!
— sidd330i
★★★★★ Super legit app. Allows you to make epic fun of all of your friends! Supplying me with ENDLESS laughter!
— AndrewFuego
★★★★★ I love this app! Ever since I updated this app I kept playing with the bacon, Obama, and the devil! I even made my cat have an Obama doll! I recommend this to everyone!!!
— Ipartylikepinkiepie
★★★★★ I didn’t know this app could get any better and it sure did! Yakit continues to make fun more fun. So wild.
— Fierra Patton
★★★★★ If you have any sense of humor or creativity, this app is for you.
— Aaron Ventura

YAKiT Press:

There are many apps out there that can be used to animate pictures. We chose Yakit for Kindergarten students because it is extremely easy to use. Yakit can be used with any grade level to make inanimate objects come to life. Students will have fun while learning and sharing facts about anything you can imagine. Set them free and see what happens!
— Class With Apps
I really love this app; it brought the kids lots of laughter and is also a great tool to help them develop their creativity and storytelling skills. Overall, YAKiT is absolutely a well-thought-out app for the whole family. I highly recommend you get this app, or it’s your loss :)
— Real Kids Apps
Yakit for iPhone is possibly the silliest, stupidest fun you can have with an iPhone and a photograph right now. The results are hilarious.
This fun colorful app allows students to easily bring story characters, inanimate objects, and historical figures to life in short creative videos. This is a great platform for students be creative based on their writing and research.
— Class With Apps
There are plenty of apps out there that let you record audio or video in order to send messages, but YAKiT is something else. Create something akin to video memes. Who’s it for?: if you’re looking for a funny way to send a voice message, YAKiT can help.
— Appolicious
Yakit 4 ifone (free) be possiblee teh sillies’, s’upides’ fun U can be wit an ifone & a graph rite now. Teh rezultz be hilariouz.
YAKiT provides an entertaining and interactive way to reach the Common Core Standards in the classroom. Students can interpret informational text in books they are reading or within subjects they are studying and make it come alive for their classmates. Scripting is a key part to developing a presentation using YAKiT. Students would need to carefully plan out an interview or informative piece before using the app. Students could animate their own pieces of art, or use an image already available to them. Imagine a student drawing their own interpretation of a fictional character, and using it to tell the character’s story. YAKiT makes these presentations possible.

YAKiT is a great way to combine learning and entertainment, keeping students engaged and focused. They will have so much fun creating their presentation that they may not even realize how much work is truly going into it! Don’t forget that teachers can also use YAKiT to remind students that they like to have fun too.
Rounding out our app-tastic recap is a clever new app from Freak’n Genius called YAKiT. The iPhone-only novelty app makes it easy to take or choose a photo....
— Mac Life
The Seattle-based startup just debuted a extremely funny mobile app called YAKiT, which lets you manipulate the mouths of your family, friends, cats, dogs, celebrities and really, just about anything. To help promote and market the hilarious app to the masses, Freak’n Genius got pretty freakin’ genius. Allowing people to be creative and helping induce laughter — that’s really what the company is all about.
— GeekWire

Company/Misc Press

According to Kyle Kesterson, founder & CEO of Freak’n Genius, in order for the company to create a “healthy and vibrant culture” it’s important to understand what is going on in the employees’ lives and support them on a personal level.
— GlassDoor: "Why Caring For Employees' Personal Lives Positively Impacts Your Company"

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In this talk, Kyle shares part of his dark past from homeless and a dropout, to creativity and entrepreneurialism.  

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