Our 12 Favorite Super Bowl YAKiTs!

There probably wasn't anything as fun as watching the Seahawks dominate the Super Bowl! However, these hilarious YAK videos sure come close! Here are 12 of our favorites in no particular order :)

"12th Man in Space!" by @kyle

"Mom, can you come get me?" by @winkman72

"Go Seattle Ocean Eagles" by @gml1320

"Hawk Nation only does one thing..." by @tommy2tha

"Super Bowl Prediction" by @wessybgood

"People in Seattle be like..." by @gil

"A tender moment" by @cvaughan14

"Give It Away Now" by @poppyhead

"After the Super Bowl" by @whobut

"Happy Super Groundhogs Day Bowl!" by @kyle

"Well that escalated quickly..." by @ggbeanz

"Seattle fans" by @kyle

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