YAK Tips: How to cut out a mouth

One of my favorite features with YAKiT is the ability to cut-out your own mouth. I think it's extra fun to see YAKs of my friends or famous people where it looks like they are actually talking!

Here's how you do it:

1. After you have selected a picture, go into "Face" and click on "Create Your Own Mouth".


2. Use 2 fingers to zoom into the face of your picture (I chose Justin Bieber) and to the best of your ability, line up the mouth in the picture with the on the screen.

Before zoomed in:                                                                   After zoomed in:

Photo Jan 31, 1 37 20 PM.png
Photo Jan 31, 1 37 27 PM.png

3. Time to cut out the mouth! 5 dots will appear and replace the smile line.

Smile: You can rearrange the dots using your finger. Where you place the dots is where the mouth is going to open, so it's best to do it in between their lips if their mouth is closed, or if they are smiling, it's best to do it in between their teeth.

Chin: You'll want to adjust the chin strap so it's parallel with the mouth. It doesn't need to be on the actual chin. It can be just below the lower lip or on the mouth.

Before Adjusted:                                                                      After Adjusted:

Photo Jan 31, 2 00 31 PM.png
Photo Jan 31, 1 37 42 PM.png

4. That mouth is looking pretty great! But just to make sure, you can press the blue TEST button. This will give you a preview of what the mouth will look like when it's talking. If you don't like it, you can still adjust the dots and then test it again!

Photo Jan 31, 1 37 47 PM.png

From here you are ready to press next and record your video or add more mouths and overlays! :D


If you have any more questions, feel free to comment below or shoot me an email at gillian@freakngenius.com.