How to make your own Commercial!

Recently we discovered a string of GEICO commercials that looked as if they were made using YAKiT, in fact it had a handful of our users guessing too! 

They have a new marketing campaign called "GEICO Portrait Gallery" where they pair different famous photos or pieces of art and have them interact with each other to talk about GEICO's insurance. They aren't another "HUMPDAY" sensation, but they are definitely clever.

Since GEICO has been so kind to help people save 15% or more on their car insurance, we decided we might help them out by showing them they could have saved 15% or more of their time and marketing budget by using YAKiT to make their commercial.

Can you tell which video is the Official GEICO video and which is the YAKiT REMiX? (I made the YAKiT version in under an hour, from an iPhone)

It was so quick and even fun, I made a Gillian Original GEICO Commerical with YAKiT. What do you think? (This one took me around 3 hrs because all the photoshop to get the images (and I'm a n00b)

YAKiT makes it easy to make your own commercials or animated videos! Here's how I made the Napoleon video:

What I used:

  • YAKiT - to cut out mouths and animate
  • iMovie - to put scenes together because it's longer than our 15 second limit)
  • Dropbox - to get pictures & videos from computer to phone. But you can use email, texting, etc 

Step 1. Take screen shots from original YouTube video & save them to your phone.

I did this on my Mac computer by pressing Shift+Command+4 and then made a box around the different images I wanted. I then put them in my Dropbox which syncs the photos to my iPhone.  On my iPhone I opened Dropbox, saved them to my camera roll and was ready to go.

Step 2Start Yakkin'!

I would take a closeup of Napoleon, cut out his mouth, and then play the portion of the video where he talks with a closeup view. This was super easy because YAKiT's automatic voice recognition. I didn't have to do anything! Once I had recorded a scene, I pressed 'Done' and saved that video to my Camera Roll. I did this for all the parts of the video where someone is speaking. *Make sure to give yourself a couple seconds of buffer time before and after the person starts talking. You can always edit it out in iMovie*

Step 3. Get your videos into iMovie

I opened Dropbox on my iPhone and uploaded all the videos from my camera roll into Dropbox. Once they were uploaded, I went back to my computer and opened iMovie. Start a new project and press File > Import > Movies, and from there you can access your Dropbox files and import all your YAKiT videos.

Step 4. Make your video!

There are a couple different things you will have to do, so instead of making them step by step (because they don't have a particular order) I will just tell you how to do each task.

Still shots
The opening shot of the GEICO commercial is a still shot, along with the pig stomping it up around :23 of the video. For the opening shot, just drag your still shot into the video stream and change the crop to a slow Ken Burns. For the stomping pig, I used 2 screen shots of the pig with his arm to the right and one to the left. Then I alternated them and set them to play for only .4 seconds each. This gave the appearance that he was moving back and forth.

Adding GEICO Audio
I used the identical audio from the original GEICO commercial by converting the video to an mp3. Just copy & paste the youtube URL to the website "" and click 'convert'. Once it's done, click 'download', and then drag the track into iMovie. 

Trimming clips
As you add in your clips, you will need to cut out the before & after buffer time you put in. You will also have to time the clips to match the mouths with the official GEICO audio. It's great to have both audio (the GEICO track and your YAKiT audio) both playing because it is extremely obvious if you have the timing right or not. 

There are 2 ways I typically trim clips:
1. Hold your mouse over the spot where you want the video to start or end. Then press Shift+Command+S. This will split the clip wherever your mouse is. Then I just delete the clip that I don't want. Another option...
2. Select the clip you want to trim and press Command+R. Now you can drag the beginning and end to adjust the video's start and end time.

Removing YAKiT audio
You definitely don't want your YAKiT audio AND the GEICO audio when you are done with your video. To remove the YAKiT audio, you can select all clips by pressing Command+A and then double click any of the clips. This will bring up the 'Inspector'. Click the 'Audio' toggle on the top, then right under that, drag the volume bar to 0. This will turn off the clip audio to all your clips, so just the GEICO audio will play through.

If you have any questions, comments, or ideas for other things you think need to be YAK'd, send them my way! Thanks for reading :)

YAK Queen, Community Manager, & Token Girl